2017 KCBS BBQ Teams

2017 KCBS BBQ Teams           (as of 6/10/2017)

3 Eyz BBQ (MD)
270 Smokers (VA)
4:20 Q (MD)
Aporkalypse Now (VA)
Bam Bam’s BBQ (VA)
Big Dog BBQ VA (VA)
Big Girls BBQ (PA)
Blazed BBQ Joint (WV)
Brutus and Company (OH)
Charlie-Que BBQ (OH)
Checkered Flag 500 (PA)
Checkered Pig (VA)
Circle L BBQ (OH)
Convicted Pigs BBQ (WV)
Dorky Porky BBQ (KY)
Drilling and Grilling (PA)
E.T.’s BBQ (FL)
Elite BBQ Smokers (SC)
Fowl Butt BBQ (IN)
Grateful ‘Que (VA)
Grog N Hogs (VA)
Hambones by the Fire (OH)
Hillbilly State of Mind (WV)
House of Smoke (NC)
Jaws BBQ (WV)
K-Town Daddy’s BBQ (TN)
Life is Good, but BBQ is Better (VA)
Lo-N-Slo BBQ (PA)
Love N Smoke (VA)
Main Street Smoke (WV)
Mason Dixon BBQ Co. (WV)
Midnight Burn (NC)
Off The Bone (OH)
Ole Smokey BBQ Crew (TN)
Our Bark is Better Than Your Bite (PA)
Pavone Brothers (MD)
Pirates of PorkScents (NC)
Pullin My Money Muscle (PA)
Rhode Hog BBQ (RI)
Rickey’s Chickey’s & Authentic BBQ (WV)
Rockin Robyn’s BBQ (MD)
Rocky Top Barbeque (TN)
Sauced! BBQ (NC)
Shortsville Smokers (NY)
Smoke Central BBQ (SC)
Smokey Anderson BBQ (WV)
Smokin Foolz BBQ (PA)
Still Working On It (VA)
Sultans of Swine (WV)
Sweet Heat BBQ (NY)
Three Dogs BBQ (PA)
Uncle Kenny’s BBQ (FL)
War Pigs (MD)
Who Cares BBQ (NC)
Wolf’s Revenge (VA)
WV Loc-N-Loaded (WV)










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