2017 Outhouse Classic (Cancelled)

Sorry but this activity has been cancelled for 2017 ...



One of nature’s necessities …

the bathroom, toilet, latrine, crapper, potty, water closet, privy, loo, and of course … the outhouse!   

The 2017 Outhouse Classic Race promises to be a hilarious addition to the growing list of activities at this year’s Almost Heaven BBQ Bash.  Groups interested in participating on Saturday, June 17th, can build their own unique outhouse using only by “human power” to push or pull the outhouse down a short course, exchange toilet rolls, and race back to the beginning line for cash and prizes! 

Teams are encouraged to select a team name and/or theme and decorate the outhouse (and team members if they wish) accordingly.  Any type of wheels is allowed, but no motor nor pedals … and must be pushed or pulled by 2-4 humans (max. of 5 team members) with one “rider”.  Races will be in heats with 2 outhouses racing each time moving thru brackets to challenge winners of each heat until a winner is declared.  Custom trophies and cash prizes are awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. 

Get your co-workers, family members, and friends together to brainstorm some ideas, build a unique house, and come to the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum on Saturday, June 17th for a fun new event.   Google “outhouse races”  for great ideas and videos of other races.

For official Outhouse Classic Race rules and entry form, download the pdf files below:

Rules & Photos – Outhouse Classic (2017)

Entry Form – Outhouse Classic (2017)



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