Outhouse Classic Race

Aaahhh   yes … one of nature’s necessities …

the bathroom, toilet, latrine, crapper, potty, water closet, privy, loo, and of course … the outhouse!   

The 2018 Outhouse Classic Race promises to be a hilarious addition to the growing list of activities at this year’s Almost Heaven BBQ Bash. 

Download race rules and entry form below – entry deadline – May 1, 2018!!!

2018 Rules – Outhouse Race

 2018 Entry Form – Outhouse Race

Groups interested in participating can build their own unique outhouse using only “human power” to push or pull the outhouse down a short course, exchange toilet rolls, and race back to the starting line.


Teams are encouraged to select a team name and/or theme and decorate the outhouse (and team members if they wish) accordingly.  Any type of wheels is allowed, but no motor nor pedals … and must be pushed or pulled by 2-4 humans (max. of 5 team members) with one “rider”.  Races will be in heats with 2 outhouses racing each time moving thru brackets to challenge winners of each heat until a winner is declared. 

Get your co-workers, family members, and friends together to brainstorm some ideas, build a unique house, and come to the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum on Saturday for a fun new event.   Google “outhouse races”  for great ideas and videos of other races.




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