BBQ Bash Food Vendors

Come HUNGRY – leave smiling!  We’re delighted to include some new food vendors this year adding a new variety of delicious food items truly providing something for everyone!   The following is a list of BBQ & other Food Vendors, current as of May 27, 2018:


Food Vendors (May 27, 2018)


We look forward to providing a variety of delicious BBQ and other food items for many hungry event attendees (estimated at 15,000+ in 2017), and welcome those interested in participating.  Please note the following before applying as a BBQ Bash Food Vendor:

~  Only KCBS BBQ Teams (competing with 4 meats) will be permitted to sell BBQ items of any kind
~  Priority will be given to prior vendors, esp. those with us since our first event
~  We will do our best to avoid duplicate items to provide a better variety to attendees
~  Applications, with all applicable fees and all required documents must be received no later than April 1, 2018 for consideration.
~  Health Permit fees and application will be submitted (by us) to the local Health Dept.  for review.  The Health Inspector will visit your site  prior to opening and issue a permit at that time.

The following links provide all details and application form:

2018 BBQ Bash Food Vendor Application & Information.

2017 Lewis County Health Permit Application


Please also review the following documents as all vendors must adhere to the General Sanitation Guidelines and Regulations for operating a Temporary Food Establishment.

“WV Health Dept. General Sanitation Guidelines”:    wv-health-dept-general-sanitation-rules

 Regulations for “Temporary Food Establishments”:    wv-dhhr-operating-guidelines-for-temp-food-concession


For questions or other information, please contact us at:  
Toll-free:  866 / 710-7600

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