Commercial Food Vendors

Commercial Food Vendors

We look forward to providing a variety of delicious BBQ and other food items for many hungry event attendees (estimated at 15,000+ in 2017), and welcome those interested in participating.  Please note the following before applying as a Commercial Food Vendor:

~  Only KCBS BBQ Teams (competing with 4 meats) will be allowed to sell BBQ items of any kind
~  First option will be given to prior vendors, esp. those with us since our first event as they took
a risk vending at a brand new event with no prior attendance / sales records
~  We will do our best to avoid duplicate items to provide a better variety to attendees
~  Applications, with all applicable fees and all required documents must be received no later than May 1, 2018 for consideration.
~  Health Permit fees and application will be submitted (by us) to the local Health Dept.  for
review.  The health inspector will visit your site  prior to opening and issue a permit at that


**  Commercial Food Vendors must provide the following items for consideration:
~  Vendor application  OR  download the pdf and mail in your application with the following:
1.  Copy of your current Business License
2.  Insurance Certificate for $1 Million – certificate MUST list Almost Heaven BBQ Bash as an
additional insured – NO exceptions!
3.  Photo of your rig / food truck / or normal set-up
(If you’ve sent this previously and your set-up has not changed, that’s fine – otherwise, this
must accompany your application)
4.  List of all “proposed” menu items (to avoid duplicates).  Any changes must be pre-approved.
Lewis County Health Dept. Permit Application:    2017 Lewis County Health Permit Application  (OR your current Lewis Co. or West Virginia Health Permit)


Please review the following documents as all vendors must adhere to the General Sanitation Guidelines and Regulations for operating a Temporary Food Establishment.

“WV Health Dept. General Sanitation Guidelines”:   wv-health-dept-general-sanitation-rules

 Regulations for “Temporary Food Establishments”:  wv-dhhr-operating-guidelines-for-temp-food-concession

If you have questions, please contact us at:

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