2016 KCBS Team List

The following is a list of KCBS teams competed in 2016:

Checkered Pig                                    *** 2016 WV State Grand Champion

270 Smokers

3 Eyz BBQ                                             **  2015 WV Grand Champion

Aporkalypse Now

Bam Bam’s BBQ

Bar-B-Que Mayham

Beverly Bistro

Big Dog BBQ VA

Black Dawg BBQ

Checkered Flag 500 BBQ

Dante’s Inferno

Dizzy Pig

Drilling & Grilling BBQ


Game On BBQ

Hoo’s Smokin’

Hot Watchula’s

Jaws BBQ

Jokers & Smokers BBQ

Life is Good But BBQ is Better

Lo’-N-Slo’ BBQ

Main Street Smoke

Nuthin’ Fancy BBQ

Off the Bone BBQ

Old Virginia Smoke

Pavone Brothers

Philly Blind Pig BBQ

Pork Barrel BBQ

Pullin’ My Money Muscle

Rickey’s Chickey’s & Authentic BBQ

Rockin Robyn’s BBQ

Sauced! BBQ

Smokey Anderson BBQ

Smokin’ Foolz BBQ

Sultans of Swine

Sweet Heat BBQ

Tarbilly’s BBQ

Uncle Dino’s Backyard BBQ

War Pigs

Wolf’s Revenge

Yellow River BBQ





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