Pig Mania

2018 Pig Mania


***  Due to a lack of entries, sadly, 2018 Pig Mania has been cancelled, but the pigs will be back in 2019.


Download your “Adoption Form” and instructions below, and join the fun with this years’ Pig Mania.

2018 – Pig Mania (letter, pix, & form)

Pig Mania” offers an opportunity for everyone to get involved by “adopting a pig”, decorating it any way you wish (your business or organizational theme, an artistic, abstract or other design – use your imagination and have fun) for judging on Saturday, June 16th.  Included are a few design ideas – googling “painted pigs” provides lots more! Funds raised thru Pig Mania will help fund this and future BBQ Bash events.

Why Adopt a Pig?

Adopting a pig (a plain, undecorated cement canvas.)  Our pot belly pigs are 104 lbs., 14” high x 8” wide x 27” diameter… ready for your creative decorating ideas.   What a great way to promote your business and be a part of this year’s Pig Mania – no feeding to worry about, no pens to clean … just pure fun!


                  Who can Adopt a Pig?

         ANYONE …. Businesses, civic groups, churches, individuals, schools … ANYONE!


 How does it work?

  • There are a limited number of pigs available for adoption, so don’t wait & risk being disappointed!
  • Simply download and return the attached Adoption Form (available while supplies last)!
  • We’ll notify you with information on when / where to pick up your pig. 
  • Decorate your pig to reflect your business, personality … or just to make a statement!
  • Display your decorated pig 2 weeks prior to Almost Heaven BBQ Bash (just a suggestion)
  • Bring your Pig to TALA by 11:00 AM Saturday to register for judging.
  • Your decorated pig will be displayed with appropriate signage (entries are numbered for judging)
  • Attendees can pick up one (1) FREE token to vote for their favorite piggy!
  • Almost Heaven BBQ Bash is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization, and can provide a tax deductible receipt, if you’d like.   
  • At the conclusion of the event, you may choose to   a) keep your pig,   OR    b) offer it for auction


What do you win?

  • Cash and other prizes
  • Bragging rights
  • Major media exposure with tv, radio, newspaper, signage, website and Facebook recognition


We look forward to your participation in this fun activity of the Almost Heaven BBQ Bash!


Your only limitation …
                     is your imagination!


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